Canadian Military Re-Enactment Groups

Calgary Highlanders Heritage Section

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Unit History/Date Formed    The Calgary Highlanders Heritage Section was created in 1996 out of a desire to help preserve the memory of those who had served in the founders' regiment, The Calgary Highlanders, and the predecessors of that unit. 
Other impressions     The Section has demonstrated its ability to field soldiers in several orders of dress; from 10th Battalion CEF officers in Service Dress and Sam Browne belts, to PPCLI troops from the Korean War.
Regular Events The Section regularly provides Living History displays to Museum of the Regiments functions in the summer.  Regular attendance is also expected at Northwest Historical Association events.
Size of unit The Section has three regular members but has fielded up to a dozen seperate members at various times. 
Recruiting Requirements Prospective members must be 18 years of age.  Possession of a Firearms Acquisition Certificate would be a plus but is not necessary.  Members are expected to acquire their own uniform/equipment/weapon, though loaners are available to new members.
Contact Persons Michael Dorosh and Kevin Winfield
Websites None at present


10th Bn CEF, WWI 10 Bn CEF, WWI PPCLI, Korea

The 82nd Abegweit Re-enactors
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Unit History/Date Formed May 1st, 1996
Other Impressions The group focuses on wearing the uniform of The Prince Edward Island Light Horse which, although an Armoured Reconnaissance unit, formed the Defence Company of the Headquarters of the 2nd Canadian Corps in North West Europe.  The 82nd Abegweit Re-Enactors also portray other Island units which served overseas such as the 2nd Medium (PEI) Battery which served in Italy and the 8th Medium (PEI) Battery which served in North West Europe.  Although another Island unit, The PEI Highlanders, did not serve overseas as a formed Battalion, the unit was broken up and members were sent to the Princess Louise Fusiliers, Carleton & York, North Shore (NB) Regt., Cape Breton Highlanders, West Nova Scotia Regiment, and several other Canadian units including the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion and Canloan Officers.  The reason for this diversification was that the Canadian government did not want the unit to get wiped out like the Newfoundland Regiment did during the first day of the Somme in 1916.  However, "D" Coy of the North Nova Scotia Highlanders was almost made up entirely of  PEI Highlanders. 

During summer time, the 82nd Abegweit Re-Enactors portray Islanders who served with The West Nova Scotia Regiment and wear the Khaki Drill uniforms which would have been worn during the  Sicilian and Italian campaigns.
Regular Events Regular annual events: Summerside Lobster Carnival parade,  Summerside Legion annual Veteran's breakfast along with various parades and special events in PEI as applicable.
Size of unit
Currently 3 dedicated members, but the unit has fielded up to 10 re-enactors.
Recruiting Requirements Recruiting Requirements: Membership is open to physically fit personnel who have an interest in PEI Military History.   Members are expected to acquire their own uniform, equipment and weapon though some equipment is available for loan to new members.
Contact Persons Head of the Organization: Terry Hunter or (902) 569-1699.
Websites None at present.

Nov. 11, 1999 parade, Charlottetown PEI.
 Left to Right: Samuel Cormier, "A" Coy 1st Can Para Battalion, Terry Hunter and Mike Hunter of the 82nd Abegweit Re-Enactors wearing the uniform of The Prince Edward Island Light Horse.  M38 Jeep is owned by Bill Hebb of "A" Coy 1st Can Para Battalion.


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First Canadian Parachute Battalion
Living History Company
HQ Company

Mid-Atlantic United States

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Mark Herzog,Ken Stoddard

Photos by Mark Herzog appear by courtesy of Glenn Kimmell

First Canadian Parachute Battalion
Living History Company
A Company

Atlantic Canada

Unit History/Date Formed Unit formed in December 1999.
Recruiting Requirements Recruits are sponsored by a unit member in good standing.  The sponsoring member will assist the recruit in obtaining kit, learning drill and learning about the Battalions history.  All new members will have one year to complete the "required" kit list.  Regular membership age is 18 years or older.  Members of A Coy , 1st Can Para must pay annual dues of twenty five Canadian dollars due the first month of the year.  These proceeds will go towards our web site and newsletters.  New members will not have voting privileges until they have attended one event as part of this unit.  After this event the new member will be subject to unit approval of their membership by way of a vote.   To retain membership standing requires attendence at least one event per year and all scheduled meetings.
Contact Persons Brad Mills

First Canadian Parachute Battalion
Living History Company
B Company

British Columbia, Canada

Contact Persons Colin Stevens

First Canadian Parachute Battalion
Living History Company
C Company

Ontario, Canada

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4th Princess Louise Dragoon Guards

St. Augustine Florida

Contact Persons William Phelan
1317 Truman Dr.
  St. Augustine, Fl. 32095
Regular Events January -  Hitler Line WWII Tactical, Ocala, Florida.
February - WWII Tactical Battle,Hernando, Florida.
May - VE Day at the King's Head Pub in St.Augustine.
August - Annual WWII Day in Bushnell, Florida.

There are also numerous other non-regular events in the State that the unit attends.        
Other impressions: The unit also portrays Support Company of the 48th Highlanders and may add the Saskatoon Light Infantry to their repertoire of impressions.

48th Highlanders of Canada
Re-enactment Group

North-Central West Virginia

Contact Persons John Hooper   (304)796-4955

Mailing Address:
John Hooper
Rt.1 Box 269C
Wallace,WV 26448

No. 5 Canadian Provost Company
Ontario, Canada

Unit History/Date Formed          No. 6 Section, No.4 Provost Company, 3rd Canadian Infantry Division was formed in 1993 to provide reenactor Military Police services for the 50th Anniversary commemoration of the Normandy Landings. The section consisted of 12 personnel including three CWAC Provost. The section was commanded by a Sergeant, with a W.O.2 in overall charge as encampment SecurO. The section worked closely with personnel of 28 MP Platoon. The section continued training over the following year and recreated it's role at the Victory Spring celebrations in Ottawa in 1995.
        In the fall of 1995, it was decided to reform the section as a sub-section of No.5 Provost Company, 5th Canadian Armoured Division, in keeping with it's new role as a project of the Museum of Applied Military History.
         Reenactor Provost duties are essentially the same as the original Provost, with traffic control and route signing a priority. Provost have provided VIP escorts for military and other dignatories visiting displays or reenactments, as well as escorts for colours.
       Members of the section have participated in events at Gananoque, Fort Wellington, Manotick, Perth, Swords and Ploughshares Museum, The Canadian War Museum and numerous other displays and reenactments in Eastern Ontario.
Size of unit Currently, the section consists of 5 "regular" members and 6 "associate" members. All regular members are also members of the Perth Regiment (see below).
Recruiting Requirements At this time, the Provost Section is NOT recruiting.
Contact Persons John Cameron

Le Régiment de la Chaudière
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Histoire de l'unité/Date de formation
Unit History/Date Formed


La date choisie pour la création d'un groupe de reconstitution historique faisant revivre Le Régiment de la Chaudière et la mémoire des soldats canadiens français qui ont combattu au sein de cette unité est le 24 mai 2000 date aniversaire de la désignation de l'unité comme ``Régiment de la Chaudière`` qui devint unité d'infanterie.

The reenactment group is dedicated to bringing ``Le Régiment de la Chaudière`` alive, to preserve the memory of those who sacrificed their lives and as a  demonstration of  French-Canadian participation in WWII.   The unit was created on 24 May 2000.  This date was chosen to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the mobilization of the Regiment for the Second World War.

Notre représentation
Other impressions

L'unité représente une section d'infanterie du régiment, touchant principalement la période du débarquement jusqu'à la fin de la guerre. Nous souhaitons également représenter les années précédantes, l'évolution de l'uniforme et du matériel employé depuis 1940.

The unit represents an infantry section of the Regiment during the time of the Normandy campaign to the end of the war. Members also recreate the unit's appearance from 1940 to demonstrate the uniform and material changes that occurred during that period.

Projet d'événements
Projected Events

Nous projettons des apparitions au musée du Régiment à Levis, au musée de la guerre à Ottawa et une participation au jour du souvenir.

Projected events include several demonstrations at the Regimental museum, at the War Museum in Ottawa and for Remembrance Day.

Recruiting Requirements

Toute personne possédant déjà son matériel daté et identifié au Régiment de la Chaudière peut nous contacter. Toute personne ayant un intérêt marqué pour l'histoire et la vie militaire et désireuse de se procurer son matériel peut entrer en contact avec nous.

Nous désirons que les membres soient francophones pour préserver le fait qu'il s'agit d'un régiment français mais les personnes bilingues sont bienvenues.

People who have a great interest in history and military life and agree to proceed in acquisition of material and the obtain the proper uniforms as worn by the ``Régiment de la Chaudière" are welcome to contact us. We prefer French-speaking members to properly preserve the history of this French Regiment but bilingual persons also have their place in the unit.

Personne à contacter
Contact Persons
Jean Merrette
jeanmer @

Perth Regiment

Ontario, Canada

Contact Persons

Museum of Applied Military History. 85 Fog Road, King City, Ontario. L7B 1A3. Canada.

Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada


Unit History/Date Formed

        The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada joined the Northwest Historical Association in 1996.

Recruiting Requirements The Northwest Historical Association welcomes all interested parties to inquire about the club. Any applicant under the age of 18 must have a sponsor in the unit he would like to join and parental/guardian permission. All new members must join a historically accurate unit in a historically correct combat role. These rules are explained further in the NWHA By-Laws. For more information about a specific unit please e-mail the unit directly or visit their web site.
Contact Persons

Image courtesy of James Pharris, QOCHofC re-enactors.

Queen's Own Rifles of Canada World War II Living History Company

Virginia/Maryland/Pennsylvania, USA

Unit History/Date Formed

         Organized in 1995, the recreated Queen's Own Rifles of Canada seek to "commemorate the sacrifices of the men of the regiment from 1939-1945, and to tell the mostly forgotten story of Canada in World War II."

Regular Events

         The unit participates in a variety of living history programs, displays, and tactical demonstrations at various historic sites.   

Recruiting Requirements         "Membership in the recreated Queen's Own Rifles is open to physically fit individuals with an interest in the period, and are willing to serve in historically accurate roles of rifleman or support personnel.  Joining us means that you will have help in getting the proper and best gear and uniforms together.  The group has sources for original and replica uniforms and equipment, as well as blank ammunition.   Our preference is for members who live in the Virginia-Maryland-Pennsylvania area, as most of our events occur in the mid-Atlantic region"

   Specific membership requirements can be found on the website.

Contact Persons

Rifleman image courtesy of Tim Crowe, QOR of Canada WWII Living History Company.

Royal Highland Fusiliers of Canada
Historical Section

Ontario, Canada

Contact Persons

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South Saskatchewan Regiment
Re-enactment Unit

Weyburn, Saskatchewan

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Regular Events

         The unit has participated at North West Historical Association tactical events alongside the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada re-enactment unit and hopes to be in regular attendance at future events.

Contact Persons Russ Benneweis
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Russ Benneweis and Michael Dorosh of the SSR Re-enactment group.  

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Seaforth Highlanders of Holland Memorial Pipes and Drums

Voorthuizen, the Netherlands

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 Since September 1999, the Netherlands has gained a new pipe band, primarily military oriented. "The Seaforth Highlanders of Holland, Memorial Pipes and Drums", residing in Voorthuizen, the Netherlands, has been established in commemoration of the liberating armed forces of the "Gelderse Vallei" in 1945, and in particular the regiment Seaforth Highlanders of Canada. The society at the moment has over 24 members and recently presented her plans during a well-visited Open Day.

The Seaforth Highlanders of Holland, Memorial Pipes and Drums, was founded on 8th September 1999 in the Dutch town of Barneveld. The pipe band primarily consists of amateur musicians, who intend to provide Scottish/Canadian music during memorial services, tattoos, various processions and special events from 1st April 2000 onwards. The society has been established as a living and musical memory to the Canadian and British soldiers who liberated the "Gelderse Vallei" from German occupation in 1945. In essence, service men from The Seaforth Highlanders of Canada performed a crucial task in liberating the district of Voorthuizen/Barneveld. This fact is the main reason the new band has been named after this still existing regiment. The Canadian army has officially given permission to the Dutch band to carry the name and the special uniform (including matching tartan). Despite the fact that the new pipe band intends to be fully operational from 1st April 2000 onwards, already a small dedicated core of experienced musicians is performing. September 18/19 saw the group perform during the memorial activities surrounding the commemoration of the Battle of Arnhem in the towns of Ede and Oosterbeek. In charge of the band is drum major Mr. K. Westerkamp. The society is still keen to sign up both novice and experienced pipers and drummers. The Seaforth Highlanders of Holland rehearse in Voorthuizen every Tuesday night.

The band has ambitious plans for the year 2000. During the liberation festivities in May, the band can be seen and heard during several venues in the Netherlands. At the beginning of August, the pipers and drummers will give several performances in the Scottish capital Edinburgh.

Contact Persons Band Manager:  Mr. Ruud de Jong (phone: 0341-424552)
Drum Major:  Mr. Kees Westerkamp (phone: 020-6974456)
Email -

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